Many people who wear vintage clothing wear it and its accessories as a way to differentiate themselves in the current trend in fashion. Wearing a vintage dress, especially for women, exudes a sense of class and uniqueness. Putting on vintage accessories adds more sophistication and vibrancy to one’s fashion style. On the other hand, for men, buying vintage clothes can also be as advantageous as it is for women. Men who wear these clothes are perceived to have more edge in style compared to others who wear the usual clothes available in the local fashion shops. There are apparently many approaches when it comes to vintage clothing. By the word “vintage” itself, one can say that buying some old clothes include some important considerations. You might ask yourself, what type of clothes should you buy? What certain period or era do you want your clothes and accessories to come from? Where do you plan to source them?

Although vintage fashion is perceived collectively something “old,” one should still think about these things to make your vintage fashion more appealing and stylish. You can start by researching some vintage clothing from different eras. For example, you can begin by setting a timeline like the 1960’s to the 1970’s. Researching on styles will widen your knowledge of what was trendy during those periods, and at the same time, you can decide if that certain style looks good on you. For instance, in the 60’s and 70’s, the trend during that period for women was simple knit skirts and sports wears. Envision yourself wearing those types of clothing.

After deciding on a specific period of vintage fashion, you can then on start you collection. The good thing about vintage clothing is that you can mix and match them with the current styles in fashion. You can begin your vintage fashion by collecting specific types of clothing such as hats, headbands, necklaces, and pants. As your collection starts to pile up, you can soon figure out what specific look to come up with your vintage collection.

The possibilities of sourcing vintage clothing are limitless. Some specialty vintage fashion websites still do designs from different eras. Today, even popular designers produce vintage style fashion. The likes of Marc Jacobs, Dior, Pucci, and Vesace have produced vintage clothes for their fashion lines the past years. Although they can be pricey, the decision will always depend on you and of how much you are willing to invest on your retro clothes. If you are low on budget, one of the best places to source unique vintage clothes is thrift shop. However, you have to be patient in finding good quality clothes there since they are piled together with hundreds of other clothing, which adds up to the challenge especially if you’re looking for something specific to your size and taste. Other popular places of where to buy these type of clothes are through charity runs, estate sales, auctions, and garage sales. So whenever you pass by any of these shops, take time to ramble on the pile of clothes displayed throughout the store. You will never know what you can find!

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