Vintage clothes have always inspired fashion designers to create new designs. The vintage fashion is fast grabbing the attention of people as they see celebrities wearing them during red carpets.
Vintage fashion actually never faded and it continues to find its place back in today’s fashion world but with the difference in style, pairing a vintage dress with modern accessories is definitely bound to give you that elegant look

Vintage dresses have always been classic, there are new ways to reproduce your grandmothers classic vintage dress and it is known as Pattern Study where the seamstress studies the pattern of the dress and redesigns a new dress of the same or desired fabric either by studying the pattern of the vintage dress or by cutting pieces from the vintage dress and making a new dress with the same design.

The vintage dress can be bought from the vintage stores, from the vintage you should get an idea that it’s going to be an expensive affair whether it is vintage cars or paintings or vintage dresses. Fashion started early in 1930s and since then it has changed and anything that is 30 to 20 years old is defined as vintage in the fashion industry.

We are going to relive those fashion moments from 1930 to 1980s and with some basic tips you can also be a proud owner of one of the most desired vintage dresses.

1930s fashion: – This was the era of the longer hemlines as the dresses were cut on the bias. It was the idea for creating a dress with simple elegance which was comfortable to wear without being too tight.
What to look for:-
•    Sequined tulle dress: – This dress will feature a sweeping skirt and fully sequined torso, it is a perfect dress for the hostess.
•    Beaded crepe evening blouse:- This blouse will fit at the waistline and has a crepe neckline, look for a half sleeves blouse and can be worn with the long tulle dress
Footwear: – gold and silver sandals were the fashion trends of the 1930s

1940s reminds me of the wartime the dresses in the 40s had well defined waist and would give the wearer a famous hourglass shape figure.

Stimulating 50s:- It was one of the best decades for the party, strapless dresses with a small waist and a full skirt was the fashion of the 50s, if you  planning for a fashion statement, it’s time you stop reading the article further and start looking for classy 50s vintage dresses which is available in various colors and patterns.

Rocking 60s:- Beady to chiffon skirts with extremely low hemlines gave a strong competition to the earlier decades, paired with the thick eyeliners and boots were definitely dominating the party arena. People had their own style in the 60s but could never overpower the statement of the 50s fashion.

Crazy 1970s:- Invitation from a party in the 70s is the one I would love to attend, not for the fashion but for the wildness, wearing anything from the 70s would be a dress which definitely got noticed was the low neck halter jumpsuits.

1980s:- fashion in 80s was tight pants and shorts; to stretchy and sequined dresses with shoulder pads was the fashion of the 80s.

Buying vintage dresses online would be much cheaper as compared to the vintage stores and you also get the option of selecting the era of vintage dresses from the comfort of your home.

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